4 Best Kitchen Hacks Nobody Told You About

These are tips & tricks you can use on a daily basis, and when you read them you often think, “Why didn’t I think of that?”

1- Display Recipes With Pants Hanger When Cooking So You Can Easily Read Them

2- Put A Wooden Spoon In The Hole In The Pot Handle.

 This acts as a spoon rest and the drips will go right back into the pot.

3- Did You Know That You Can Check The Freshness Of An Egg By Putting It In A Glass Of Water?

If it is fresh, it will sink. If it is older, it will float.

4- Quickly Make A Disposable Funnel By Cutting Off The Corner Of An Envelope.

Obviously, this is only for dry ingredients, but it is perfect to transfer ingredients like spices or rice to jars when organizing your kitchen.


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