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Touchless Pro® 2.0 - Hands-Free Soap Dispenser With Anti-Leak & Smart Sensor Technology
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 Announcing The New & Improved Smart Soap Dispenser That Makes Hand Washing Fun And Works Awesome...


If you want to encourage everyone in the household to wash their hands more often, especially kids...

If you want to be at ease going into the cold/flu season...

If you cook from scratch and want to stem the spread of germs as you prepare and handle different food...

Then our hands-free soap dispenser is a must-have. It makes hand washing quicker and mess-free.

At the same time, it slashes infectious household germs and bacteria you are exposed to on a daily basis (without even knowing) like gastrointestinal germs.

The Truth About Manual Soap Dispensers... 

if you have ever suspected - like most people - that manual soap dispensers can backfire, you now have proof it’s true.

The conventional soap dispensers require users to touch the device, most likely with dirty hands.

Disease-spreading gems end up on the dispenser handle and sometimes even on the nozzle, that's dangerous especially for kids

  • Children Are At Higher Risk Of Contamination - they can get pink eye, also known as Conjunctivitis. It is an eye infection many people catch in elementary school, mostly because it's highly contagious and thus spreads like wildfire among kids. 
  • More Colds - all it takes is the simple act of grabbing a germ-riddled doorknob and then touching your nose, in order to get infected.
  • Your Snacks Can Get Contaminated - Think of all the times you've plunged a dirty hand into a bag of chips, a box of crackers, or a bowl of popcorn. If you aren't washing your hands, it's so easy to contaminate these shared foods with germs.
  •  Hepatitis A - This is a serious liver virus that spreads when people do not wash their hands before making food and drinks,
  • Diarrhea May Become A Frequent Visitor - Not washing your hands regularly can increase your chances of catching an illness that leads to diarrhea.

  • and many more...

No More Dirty Hands Touching The Soap Bottle, GUARANTEED...

Introducing our automatic soap dispenser - Touchless Pro 2.0

Here is a glimpse of what is inside:

✔️ The Only Soap Dispenser With Anti-Leak Design:

 Touchless Pro 2.0 comes with a nozzle with a 20° angle. That means, our foam dispenser prevents drips and provides an anti-leak experience.

✔️ Transparent Soap Reservoir

Our automatic soap dispenser comes with a visible soap compartment so that you can easily see how much soap is inside. Plus, it is really easy to refill without making a mess.  

✔️ Infrared Sensor Technology :

 The advanced built-in sensor makes this automatic dispenser detect motion every single time. Not like when you go to a public bathroom and you have to wave your hand a million times under it to get it to work.  

✔️ The Best Automatic Soap Dispenser:

 Most automatic soap dispensers are built with standard tubes, taking up 2.5 seconds for the soap to come out. Our soap dispenser comes with wider tubes. It only takes 0.2 seconds for the soap to come out.

✔️ The Last Soap Dispenser You will ever need:

 while most automatic soap dispensers fall apart or wear out in just a few months, forcing you to buy all over again, Our white soap dispenser is engineered from the sturdiest material with PX4 Water-Resistant Rating. Thus, it is guaranteed to last you year after year after year...

✔️ On & Off Button:

There is an on and off button on the top of the soap dispenser. so, you can turn the sensor off whenever you are refilling the soap tank. In this way, you get hassle-free maintenance.

✔️ 3 Level Volume:

 You can adjust how much soap is dispensed at a time 

✔️ Elegant Design:

The liquid soap dispenser's sleek profile and glossy white are easy to integrate with kitchen or bathroom decoration style.

 How To Use It

  1. Twist the soap tank clockwise to remove it 
  2. fill with one cup of regular liquid soap and 3 cups of water
  3. Insert 3AA batteries 
  4. Twist dispenser head clockwise to turn it on

By Investing In Our Automatic Soap Dispenser...

  • you will protect everyone in the household from cross-infection, especially kids
  • You will encourage everyone in the household to have good hygiene.
  • Kids will end up watching their hands more frequently because this soap dispenser makes hand washing a lot easier and almost no effort required.
  • You will save a lot of soap in the future because this automatic soap dispenser makes the soap last way longer.
  • you don’t have to go through too many throwaway bottles
  • you don’t have to worry about germs when cooking in the kitchen!
  • Plus, it makes food prep a lot easier.
  • Unlike manual dispensers, this touchless dispenser eliminates the yucky build up on the pump.


This amazing automatic soap dispenser comes with a 30-day 100% money-back guarantee. It will make you feel disproportionately pampered relative to how much it costs or it is FREE

"Here at Trndizer, we take your smile very seriously. you have our personal promise that we will not rest until you are dazzled and delighted by your new product"

In fact, anyone who requests a refund will receive without question, hassle or any delay...

Plus, we will deposit $9 CASH directly into your bank account just for wasting your time.

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