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MYNOVIX®  - Neck Pulse Massager Machine  With Heat
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Get A Neck Massage Therapy Anytime, Anywhere...

With our massager for neck pain, you can now give the much-needed relaxation to your neck muscle tension and cervical fatigue. 

This is an electric pulse neck massager that delivers low-intensity pulses to a stressed and stiff neck and shoulder musculature.

It is equipped with built-in magnets that radiate mild vibrations and massages all the acupoints thoroughly, hence relieving pain and pressure from the entire region.

Our neck pain relief product not just relaxes the stressed muscle tissues but regulates the blood circulation, prevents cervical pain and headache as well.

You simply have to place the massager on your neck and select the intensity level of the massage according to your pain level.

you can gradually increase the intensity as per your needs.

Our massage machine for neck is a silent massager that will soothe out the sore muscles and accelerates muscle recovery to effectively release the stress and tension you've been dealing with.

This smart neck massager heats up in seconds to mimic warm human hands and deliver "life-like" therapy for neck soreness, shoulder discomfort, and body tension.

Use it daily to get soothing relief from ...

🗸  Neck pain and stiffness
🗸  Shoulder discomfort
🗸  Cervical pain
🗸 Body tension

Here's a glimpse of what this powerful neck massager with heat has to offer

 Simulates Human Hand Massage

Our electric neck massager works by combining low-frequency electrical impulses with consistent heat and TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) technology. 

As a result, problem areas experience more blood flow and the release of natural painkillers called endorphins.

When your massage is done expect to have a fuller range of motion that's much closer to normal.

It will also promote better sleep and reduce your stress levels. 

 In-Built Magnets

 There are built-in magnets that offer low-intensity electromagnetic therapy.

Our back neck massager will balance out the imbalanced magnetic energy in your body that causes muscle stiffness and neck spasm.

 Built For Maximum Comfort And Durability

The massager has a streamlined design and its U shaped structure was specially crafted to fit over your cervical area.

You can easily adjust the massager according to the curvature of your neck.

Once the device is fitted on your neck it will provide an even distribution of pulses that will eliminate pain from trigger points. 

 360° Floating Design

This is the best neck massager because it is not size specific which means it can be adjusted to 360° so that it fits your neck comfortably. Its ergonomic design fits all types of neck contours whether broad or thin.

Different Modes and Intensities 

 This neck massager comes with 6 kinds of modes and 9 different strengths so that you can easily adjust them according to your comfort level.

The frequency on which you keep the massager promotes natural healing of the body and eases the stressed muscles. 

 Portable & LightWeight 

Whether you need deep tissue penetration or pin-point pressure relief, our neck massage machine is the perfect-sized portable device to provide relaxing therapy at the desk, on the commute, on the recliner, or in the bed. 

And try not to let our neck massager machine put you to sleep while using it to reclaim mobility during work breaks. 

Yes, it feels that darn good! Use it for 15 minutes each day for the best results. 

 Resourceful and Cost-Effective

You will no longer have to visit a masseuse or physiotherapist every now and then as this neck massager machine with heat will be your one true therapist.

This neck massager will go a long way in reducing neck stiffness and muscle contraction around the shoulders.

Whether you are at home, work or traveling, you can now relax those muscles and tissues whenever and wherever you want.

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