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‚ÄúBecause Ordinary  Horns Do Not Work Anymore‚Ķ‚ÄĚ

150db 12v train horn best loud 12v air 150db train horn  vehicles truck car motocycle  sale
  • Universal Mount

  • Comes As Kit 

  • 12v Compressor

  • 3X Louder 

  • Zero Delay

  • Weather Resistance

  • Absorb Vibration

  • Does Not Corrode

$79.00 USD$42.97 USD

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If your factory horn is embarrassing you every time you honked it because the sound was like an angry Fiat, no one ever paid attention to it…

If you’re still facing any of these problems when traveling…

Animals On The Road ?

animals cross/stay in the middle of the street, causing delays yet you don't want to hit any of them.

Horn Can not Be Heard when approaching a blind spot or curve ?

When approaching a blind corner or curve where the view of what is behind is obstructed., you can not warn other motorists…

 because your horn is not loud enough, increasing the likelihood of a fatal accident.

In fact, Statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration show that nearly 840,000 blind spot accidents occur each year in the United States alone, resulting in 300 fatalities.

Horn Can not Be Heard when approaching a blind spot or curve ?

Distracted Jogger On The Road ? 

Distracted joggers usually wear headphones or ear buds, preventing them from hearing any vehicle approaching.

Indeed, the distraction of the music causes ‚Äúinattentional blindness‚ÄĚ Because multiple stimuli divide the brain‚Äôs mental resource allocation.

That means the risk of injury from distraction and blocking out other sounds soars.

If The Answer is YES to Any of Them, Then Our Train Horn Is Must-Have, and Here’s why…


Absorb Vibration & Makes installation Easy

Our 12V train horn universal mount allows for more flexible install and easier mounting solutions.


 everything you need for installing the air horn is included in packing

1 x Includes Metal horn trumpet

1x 12V electric compressor

1 x a bag of fixings.

1 x Users Manual.


The Train Horns powerful electrical compressor allows you to use the horn at all times and doesn't require any air tanks.

You can easily install it to the existing horn system/separate switch and enjoy the benefits of 150 DB of loudness.

Loud Horn Saves Lives

  • The only trumpet horn system that doesn't require an air tank

  • Works under stock horn system or with a new switch

  • Capable of long-lasting blasts with zero delay

  • Made of premium materials, including a metal trumpet & compressor

  • Includes a complete step-by-step installation manual

  • 100% weather resistant

Which Horn Is Best For You?


High Quality Materials

Made of zinc alloy and covered with protective coating , This powerful Train Horn is completely rustproof and can withstand harsh weather conditions.


The Best Power-To-Size Ratio

It also supports multi-horn install and installation under the stock horn button

Blow The Doors Off Any Vehicle Around You With These Air Powered Train Horn

  • Greatly improved loudness and increase of sound travel distance

  • Deeper and better multi-tone effect with improved sound quality

  • Lesser risk of injury and vehicle danger due to improved horn system

  • Better and clearer warning to other drivers over their driving actions

Extra Loudness Increases Safety

Did You Know?

Modern vehicle soundproofing can reduce sound inside a vehicle as much as 20 decibels.

Normally $79.00, now as low as $42.97, or $35.97 each when you buy in bulk and Free Shipping. 

Choose your package and save big on your order

$79.00 USD$42.97 USD
  • Free Compressor







$38.97 each

$158.00 USD$77.94 USD
  • Free Compressor

$237.00 USD$107.91 USD
  • Free Compressor

This powerful train horn  comes with a 30-day 100% money-back guarantee.

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