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The Pyramid Mat is a silicone cooking mat that you can unroll and place onto any cooking tray. The mat cooks food more thoroughly and evenly compared to traditional metal trays. You will never have to scrape food off the pan either since the silicone won't allow any food to stick.

 An Even Cook

Normal trays sometimes do not evenly cook food. The hundreds of little pyramids are designed to lift your food up while leaving room below for the heat to cook the bottom side evenly, allowing the heat to distribute equally. Since the air easily flows under your food, there's no need to flip chicken, mozzarella sticks, or other food halfway through the cooking process.

Stick-Free and Easy to Clean

If you don't spray a regular pan properly, you end up peeling and scraping food off the tray, making your dinner look like a total disaster full of grease. With the Pyramid Mat, the food sits above the mat so it will never stick, nor will it ever touch the grease. The groves between each pyramid allow for access grease to flow like a river to a quick and easy clean.


The silicone mat easily rolls up for quick storage in drawers or cabinets. If it's not the size of your favorite pan or tray, just simply cut it to any size you desire. Don't need it for cooking? The Pyramid Mat can also be used as a non-skid base for setting down hot plates, pots, pans, and even food on your counter. The mat isn't only used for ovens either. You can use the mat in a microwave or a barbeque on those nice summer days.


  • Heat resistant up to 428F (220C)
  • Washer safe
  • Nonstick silicone
  • Flexible
  • 40cm x 27cm
  • Microwave safe


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