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ArmorX® New Edition - Anti theft Laptop Travel USB Backpack With Weight-Balance Design
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Do You Know Every Day 400,000 Pick Pocket Incidents Occur Worldwide?

To you, a crowded area is a burden. But to a pickpocket, it’s a playground…

And you need to safely guard your belongings against them. Or else, you might notice your phone’s gone the second after you used it.

Luckily with this multi-functional anti-theft USB backpack, you'll stay ahead of thieves and in sync with all of your favorite gadgets.

It might look like any normal bag, but that’s the point.

thieves can’t find the hidden pocket With a quick glance. In fact, nobody can...

And when you're wearing it, no one can open it either. WHY?

Because this hidden pocket is on the backside of the bag. So, instead of the zipper being exposed, it’s hiding close to your body.

That means it's nearly impossible to open without having to take the backpack off first. Amazing!!!!!!

With this Anti-theft USB Charging Laptop Backpack, You'll feel more calm and confident in your daily commute.

 Here's a glimpse of what this Anti-theft USB Charging  Backpack has to offer

✔️ The Only Anti-theft USB Backpack With Cut-Proof Materials

This amazing anti-theft laptop backpack is built with cut-resistant materials. That means it keeps the knife from cutting all the way through.



This anti-theft bag is built with water-resistant materials. which means it will protect your belongings from rain or water accidents.


This anti-theft backpack comes with night reflective light on the back and sides. As a result, this bad boy will keep away from danger during the night.


This anti-theft travel backpack comes with an external USB charging port. You can connect the power bank inside the backpack with your phone outside. You don't need to hold the power bank in hand while charging now!!!!!!


While most anti-theft backpacks place 100% of the weight on your back and shoulders, our backpack shoulder straps have special massage mats installed to keep the weight balanced on your back.

Mesh lining and pads on the back support your spine.

You will feel less weight by 25%. That means you don't have to worry about hurting your waist anymore.


The anti-theft backpack for travel can fit Notebook, iPads, clothes, thermos bottle, power bank, books, headphones, etc...

This amazing anti-theft travel backpack comes with an integrated luggage strap.
That means you are able to slide the Anti-theft travel backpack over suitcase rails for easy carrying.

This amazing anti-theft laptop backpack comes with a 30-day 100% money-back guarantee. You will never have to worry about pickpocket incidences anymore. You'll feel more calm and confident in your daily commute.

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